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Blu-ray resource knowledge


1, Source:

Blu-Ray: the official issue of Blu-ray discs, the European version, the US version, CEE (Central and Eastern European version) version, as well as CC version (standard collection version), the highest quality. Most of the major suppression group using this version.
Web-DL: the official version downloaded from iTunes, in the absence of Blu-ray source of the general use of the version of the prerelease look.
HDTV: directly from the high-definition television satellite signal transcribed, there may be mosaic, there are signs, but fast, usually the series of film source format, and sometimes there is no Blu-ray version of the iTunes version of this version to suppress.
Blu-ray resource format example: The.Jungle.Book.2016.1080p.3D.BluRay.AVC.DTS-HD.MA.7.1-FGT.iso
In the above example, the red for the title, green as the source and whether 3D, blue for the track, orange for the suppression group.


2, the suppression group:

Compression components were Scene and iNT. Scene group run the fixed parameters, most of the 0Day film source is suppressed by these pressing groups, such as AMIABLE, SPARKS and DIMENSION. iNT group released slowly, for the film to do different parameters set, and sometimes also the packaging subtitles, tracks, so the highest quality. The iNT group is stationed at a PT station. Collection recommendations iNT group works.
iNT Group Category:
Top group (stationed at top of HDBits): CtrlHD, Esir, DON, Ebp
Very good: WiKi, EuReka, CHD, BeAst, HiDT
Other: MySilu, HDS, HDChina
In addition, there are TV series recording team CHDTV and NGB, but also to force.
Collection preferred top group, followed by a good suppression group, personal favorite WiKi, picture quality is very good.


3, format:

Blu-ray original disk: the original disk file, ISO blue image file, but most will DIY some subtitles and tracks into, unless you are the original disk lovers, generally do not choose this version.
Remux: that is extracted from the original disk of the main file m2ts file, re-packaged into ts or mkv format, authentic, but the volume is reduced.
Encode 1080p720p: that is, the original disk re-encoding, generally H.264 format + DTS tracks (a few with AC3), plus MKV format package. 1080p resolution is 1920 × 1080720p resolution is 1280 × 720, but because many movies are ultra-widescreen, many press groups like to cut the black edge, so the aspect ratio may not be 16: 9 but 2.35: 1
Pad: specifically designed for the iPad low code 720p, track AAC, with mp4 package


Introduction to various formats


1, CAM (gun version) – cherish life, away from the gun version

CAM is usually used to steal digital cameras from the cinema. Sometimes use a small tripod, but most of the time can not be used, so the camera will shake. So we see the picture is usually dark people often distorted, the bottom of the subtitles often appear tilt. As the sound is recorded from the camera comes with the microphone, so often recorded the audience laughter and other sounds. Because of these factors, the image and sound quality are usually poor.
For example: Journey.To.The.Center.Of.The.Earth.CAM.XViD-CAMERA (geocentric travel 3D gun version)


2, TS – only better than the gun version

TS and CAM version of the standard is the same. But it uses an external sound source (usually the theater seat for the well-being of people with headphones) This sound source can not guarantee a good source, because by a lot of background noise interference. TS is recorded in an empty theater or with a professional camera in the projection room, so the image quality may be better than CAM. But the ups and downs of the screen is great. Often there is a general version of TS and has a clear version of TS.
For example: Iron.Man.PROPER.TS.XviD-iLG (Iron Man TS version)


3, TC – the basic can also be ignored

TC uses a TV movie machine to copy directly from film. Picture quality is good but the brightness is not enough, some dim. Many times the production of TC using the sound source from the TS, so the sound quality is poor, but the picture quality is much better than TS. If not too particular about the TC version is still a good choice.
For example: Madagascar.2005.TC.XviD.AC3.avi (Madagascar TC version)


4, DVDSCR – the worst depends on this

Preview version or beta version of the DVD, the informal publication version. From the preview version of DVD, through mpeg-4 technology for high-quality compressed video format. Can be released earlier than DVDRip, but the picture quality is slightly worse. (There are often messages that do not scroll at the bottom of the screen, including copyright and anti-pirated phone numbers, which will affect viewing.) If there is no strict division of it, the quality should be similar to the TC version.
For example: Quantum.of.Solace.REPACK.DVDSCR.XviD-COALiTiON.avi (007 big break quantum crisis DVDSCR version)


5, DVDRIP – the ideal version

DVDRIP: is converted from the final version of DVD. Quality should be the best. The DVD video, audio, subtitles off, and then after compression or other processing, and then re-synthesis into a multimedia file. In general, DVDrip consists of audio and video files (suffix avi) and subtitle files.
Example: Pineapple.Express.2008.DVDRip.XviD-ARROW.avi (Pineapple Express DVDRip Edition)


6, HR-HDTV – a good choice

HR-HDTV is a high-quality compression of HDTV video images using MPEG4 compression technology such as DivX / XviD / x264 and then encapsulates video and audio parts into a .avi or .mkv file, and finally a plug-in subtitle file Video format. Picture clarity is higher.


7, HDRIP-BD under, thousands of people above

HDRIP = HD-DVD Rip, HD-DVD HD conversion, the effect is better than the general HD conversion.
Example: Stardust.2007.HDRip.x264.a720.AC3-SiLU.mkv (Stardust HDrip Edition)
Another: WEB-DL / WEBRip is currently very popular version
WEB-DL full name is the meaning of Web-download, for foreign WEB-DL version, the source is iTunes online payment store, the quality is quite good, close to BLURAY Blu-ray version, for the domestic WEB version, most of the online payment portal online Movies cracked download to obtain, such as Thunder, Tencent, Youku, etc., its quality is worse than the foreign WEB version. So “WEB-DL version” as the name suggests is “page download version” means.


8, BRRip / BDRIP – under the high definition, the general clarity of the king

BDrip = Blue-ray Disc Rip, that is, Blu-ray HD conversion, the effect is even better than HDRIP.
For example: Awake.2007.BRRip.X264-TLF.mkv (life-threatening BRrip version)


9, R5 – impatient you can see this

R5 is generally the Russian 5 area version, because the North American large Russian in the distribution of the language often dubbed Russian, so the network will appear using R5 video + gun version of TS English audio audio = synthetic version (so sound effect difference), of course , But also often have not sound good sound R5, encountered a synthetic version, will be marked in the release of sound effects.
For example: Get.Smart.R5.LINE.XViD-mVs.avi (confused detective R5 version)

R6: R6 version is released in China version


10, AVI – Lian Pao old carry on

AVI English full name for Audio Video Interleaved, that is, audio video staggered format. Is the file format that combines voice and image synchronization. It uses a lossy way of video files, but the compression is relatively high, so although the quality of the face is not very good, but its scope is still very wide. (For now, with the audience to improve the quality of the film, AVI format more and more powerless)
Example: Breaking.News.2004.DVDRip.XViD-TLF.avi (large event avi format version)


11, MKV – rising star

A suffix of MKV video files frequently appear on the network, it can be integrated in a file of different types of tracks and subtitles track, and its video encoding is also very large degree of freedom, can be a common DivX, XviD , 3IVX, and even can be RealVideo, QuickTime, WMV such streaming video. In fact, it is a full name called Matroska’s new multimedia packaging format, this advanced, open packaging format has given us a very good application prospects, and even some people see it as a substitute for AVI!
Example: Children.Of.Man.2006.BDRE.1080p.x264.AC3-SiLUHD.mkv (human son MKV package version)


12, MOV – HD trailer preferred

MOV is the QuickTime movie format, which is an audio and video file format developed by Apple for storing commonly used digital media types such as audio and video. When you select QuickTime (* .mov) as the “Save as type”, the animation is saved as a .mov file.
MOV format is often used to produce high-definition movie trailer, you can achieve 1080P so-called full HD standard.
Example: (Terminator 4 HD Trailer)


13, XviD – common standard

The most commonly used MPEG-4 video compression encoding format, we downloaded a lot of movies based on this encoding.
For example: Connected.2008.DVDRip.XviD-BiEN.avi (keep the call, xvid code)


14, X264 – industry pioneer

x264 is a free, H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC video compression encoding format with better algorithms. It is the same as xvid open source project, but x264 is the use of H.264 standard, and xvid is the use of MPEG-4 early standards. Since H.264 is the latest video coding standard officially released in 2003, x264 compressed video files are smaller than xvid compressed files at the same quality, or it can be said to be the same Volume is better than xvid compressed file quality.
For example: WALL.E.2008.BDRip.X264-TLF.mkv (robotics, X264 encoding)


15, IMAX – the so-called giant screen

Some movies will be marked “IMAX” version. What is iMAX?
IMAX (ie Image Maximum abbreviation, meaning “maximum image”, Chinese pronunciation can be read as “Ai Maikesi”) is a kind of film can be displayed more than the traditional film and higher resolution of the film projection system. The complete system includes video copies, projectors, sound systems, screens, etc., produced in IMAX specifications. The standard IMAX screen is 22 meters wide, 16 meters tall, but can be played on larger screens, and so far there has been a bigger IMAX screen. This year’s “Kung Fu Panda” also has both ordinary and IMAX versions.
For example: The.Dark.Knight.2008.IMAX.BDRip.X264-TLF.mkv (Batman Dark Knight IMAX version)


16, MP4 – more embarrassing

Some movies are in MP4 format, which means that it uses MPEG-4 video compression coding, but the specific coding format is not sure which, in general, is DIVX or XVID. In short the feeling is a very tasteless format, usually used in handheld portable devices, computer users are not recommended.
For example: Friends.S01E01.The.One.Where.Monica.Gets.A.New.Roommate.iPod-mp4.chs-en.mp4 (Friends of the first quarter of the first episode, ipd dedicated version, mp4 format)


17, TS – this TS non-TS

This TS represents the file suffix name. TS high-definition format. The advantage of this format is that the hardware requirements are not high, even the 1080P movie two years of home computers can easily play, but the same obvious shortcomings – large file size, easily thirty or four G.
For example: Silent.Hill.Blu-ray.REMUX.MPEG2.1080P.LPCM.DTS.Orbitlee-Silu.ts (Silent Hill TS version, 9 disc, full size 37.9G, single platter 4.3G)


18, PROPER – the result of competition

According to the rules of publication, the organization that first published Telesync (TS) won the (TS release) game. However, if the release version is of poor quality and another organization has another version of TS (or a better quality source), the tag PROPER is added to the directory to avoid duplication. PROPER is a most subjective mark, and many people will argue whether PROPER is better than the original release. Many publishing organizations have only released PROPER because they have lost the release of the game. The reason for publishing PROPER should always be included in the NFO file.
For example: Pirates.Of.The.Caribbean.At.Worlds.End.PROPER.DVDRip.XviD-HooKah-CD1.avi (Pirates of the Caribbean 3 end of the world version of the end)


19, Director’s Cut – Director’s edition

Director clip version, mainly for the disc issue, because out of business, box office reasons, the film released in the theater may not be the final version of the director after the release. So disc players have launched the so-called director of the editorial version, and the theater version of the difference, but also to meet part of the pursuit of “original juice

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